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The color of art, the colour of money Biographie
6. Juni 2014 - 15. August 2014


“Resurrection of Alchemists”, 2007

In the video work “Resurrection of Alchemists”, Braco Dimitrijevic addresses the acute ethical debate on meaning and place of art in the present social context. The artists, in a role of a television presenter, raises his lonely voice, defending the immaterial nature of art, the belief that “art has always been spiritual good and cognitive process, that from the Lascaux to modern times it was expression of the most profound strata of human spirit”.

The sharp humour with which the artist defends spirituality of art, as well as his inspired appropriation of television language and use of computer animation, makes “Resurrection of Alchemists” an exceptional work of video art.

The video is in the Tate Gallery collection and has been recently on view at the Tate Modern in London.

Özlem Günyol and Mustafa Kunt

Özlem Günyol and Mustafa Kunt have been collaborating since 2005. Together they investigate the representation of individual and collective belonging, the meaning of language, symbols, and information conveyed by the media, as well as their link to culturally coded patterns of understanding. The conceptual character of their practice is connected with the traditional visual language of avant-garde art forms.